UMBC Biology Council of Majors

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Welcome to our student organization!

The Biology Council of Majors is a student organization at the University of Maryland: Baltimore County.  The organization provides useful information for students with a passion in biology or even for those who are exploring a potential interest in the field.  The students get the opportunity to discuss with others (both faculty and students) of similar academic and career interests and to learn how to be successful future biologists.

Attend the meetings

Check the calendar page for the upcoming meetings.  All meetings will be held in room 120 of the Biological Sciences building unless otherwise noted.  Thank you, and we hope to see you in our next meeting!

Listen to the speakers

We have a variety of guest speakers talk about several topics in biology and the life sciences.  Come to our meetings to hear these fascinating talks which can prepare you for school and career.

Take lab tours

What is it like to operate a lab?  Are you currently hiring undergraduate students?  How did the conclusions that your lab made contribute to our understanding of biological processes?  

Ask these questions and more in the next lab tour. 

Run for office

We hold elections at the end of spring semester.  You can run for positions from President to Secretary.  Get involved on campus and help to improve BioCoM to its full potential!