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Duties and Responsibilities: The President shall be the presiding officer over all meetings held by the Biology Council of Majors. He/She, with the consent of the Executive Board, shall appoint committees and/or officers as deemed necessary.

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Robyn Jasper
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Hi! My name is Robyn Jasper. I am currently the Lab Tour Committee Chair and have been a member of the club since Fall of my freshman year. I would like to run for president because I want to keep up the progress past executives have made. 

BioCOM has the potential to be one of the larger known organizations on campus. We have the advantage because compared to other organizations, we represent a large population on campus. My goal as president would be to make the Council more visible through more events outside of bi-weekly meetings as well as have the meetings be more inclusive. This upcoming year, I aim to have events that were put on hold as well as present some different events that hopefully appeal to everyone.

We are a great organization. It is time the campus knew it too. 

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Sachin Prasad
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Hello BioCOM!


My name is Sachin and I am a rising junior biochemistry major. I have been part of BioCOM for two years now. I served as chair of the food committee my freshman year and as treasurer this year. I believe my experiences with BioCOM have given me the knowledge and tools to be successful as president. From my experiences I have learned many technical things such as ordering shirts and food, managing our carryover account, and booking rooms. I have also learned a lot about how the club works from regularly attending the executive and general body meetings for the last two years. As president I would devote more efforts towards advertisement of the club, have more distinct benefits for BioCOM members, and create community and friendship within BioCOM.


I plan on increasing advertising by promoting members to wear their BioCOM t-shirts, having one or two campus wide events hosted by BioCOM, and tabling at events for almost all the opportunities given. I plan on maintaining and increasing the current benefits given to BioCOM members by creating programs and committees within BioCOM that will help the members in their journey to their career goals. In order to increase community within the club, I would have more interactive activities within the general body meetings and promote fun events and field trips specifically for BioCOM members to bond.


I have truly enjoyed my time with BioCOM these past two years and I would be honored to help progress the club even further next year as President.

Thank you! 

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