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Duties and Responsibilities: The Vice-President(s) shall assist the President in all his/her duties, and in the absence of the President, shall immediately execute the duties of the President.

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Marina Mizell
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Hey guys! My name is Marina Mizell and I am the current vice president of BioCOM! For the past two years I have been a very active member of BioCOM, serving first as the food committee chair, responsible for providing pizza at meetings. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds this semester we were unable to provide pizza during general body meetings. This past semester, I became Vice President and have assisted the other executive board members directly, helping to run the general body meetings in addition to promoting BioCOM during Involvementfest.

I think I am very capable of being your vice president for the following two semesters because I know the inner working of BioCOM and would be more than able to uphold my duties as the continuing vice president. The other current executive members, committees and I have worked hard to plan various lab tours and bioethics debates and I plan to ensure they persist into the following year despite key planners graduating.


As the continuing VP I would also like to work towards having more events and getting more members involved in BioCOM to make it more known on campus. In the fall, we plan to hold a STEM picnic, open to the entire campus, where other STEM student organizations can showcase their events in addition to socializing with other STEM majors over hotdogs and hamburgers! Please help me make my goals for BioCOM a reality by voting for me, Marina Mizell, as your continuing BioCOM vice president.


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