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Duties and Responsibilities: The Public Relations officer(s) shall be responsible for advertising and keeping the membership informed of the organizations activities.

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Adele Fu
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Hello BioCOM! I am Adele Fu, a sophomore biology major on the pre-pharmacy/pre-nursing track, and I am currently running for public relations officer. As a BioCOM member, I have seen the wonderful things that our executive board has provided for our council. From watching funny educational biology videos to lab tours and learning more about unique centers and departments of our university, BioCOM has introduced how nature works through biology and many interesting and diverse resources that we can utilize and different career paths we can pursue.


I believe that I am qualified to be your next public relations officer because it is now time for our fellow classmates to be exposed to the great things BioCOM has to offer for our university’s biology majors and biology enthusiasts. I enjoy meeting new people and helping others, and I think that bringing more biology majors and enthusiasts together to BioCOM will be beneficial to every member of the club. As the public relations officer, I will do my best to advertise BioCOM and our events so that more people will be aware of our council and will fall in love with the art of biology.


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Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Memon. I am a rising junior majoring in Biology. I would love to be the Public Relations officer for the 2015- 2016 school year. I have been involved with the Health and Wellness Department of the SGA, the Student Health Advisory Committee and UMBC for Sight. Being with these organizations has helped me understand how to effectively advertise and promote organizations and events.

I have been a part of BioCOM since my freshman year and have seen some very efficent ways that people have promoted events, especially the Bioethics debates. I believe I will be able to take on this responsibility of sharing the wonderful events that we put on with the rest of the UMBC. Please consider me, Sarah Memon, for the Public Relations officer. Thank You!


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Megan Mellon
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Hi everyone! My name is Megan Mellon and I am excited to be running for re-election for BioCOM's Public Relations Position. Within the past year I believe I was successful promoting BioCOM and keeping our members up-to-date through Facebook. I started featuring officers on the page, with a picture, so members could learn more about them. I would like to continue this, while also introducing features for BioCOM members who stand out and doing something great! Another goal is have is to utilize social media more to create Facebook events for our events, design cover photos to promote on our own pages, and to invite members outside of our events to increase attendance. Lastly, I would like to do more outreach to campus to advertise BioCOM. as a double major in Biology and Dance, I have connections to the arts community, as well as the Honors College, and Greek life. I would love to be your PR chair again, in hopes of doing even more this next year to benefit BioCOM. Thank you for your consideration.
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